Graham Greene's 'A Little Place off the Edgware Road' (1939)
Fiona Macleod's 'By the Yellow Moonrock' (1921) reflects anxieties about change
A game of 'get off my lawn' goes too far
The narrator of Edith Nesbit's "Man-Size in Marble" (1887) challenges us directly to accept the fantastic.
From Shirley Jackson and Ed Harris to my high-school biology class and the London Underground. It’s all connected. It follows.
Fritz Leiber’s “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” (1949) puts a full vampire spin on the femme fatale.
Kafka puts a mole through a security gauntlet in 'The Burrow.'
In 1940, John Collier imagined what escaped a night watchman’s notice in the darkness of a department store. “Evening Primrose” explores the secret…
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